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All My Books allow you to archive, organize and track your book collection through an easy to use UI. My Publications helps record, organize and monitor your own book collection via an simple to use, adaptable interface. Whether you are working with Published, sound, e-books -- a mix of all 3; My Publications has just what you want to catalog your whole collection! The sole cataloging software you will ever want!

Now you can with My Novels ! If you have ever guessed how cool it is to get access to your publication Cataloging app as strong as the regional library, there is no requirement to Wonder. Take your Personal collection to another level through Familiar performance and heaps of interesting features. Begin Building Your Own Catalog!

At 1st glimpse, archiving your whole collection may appear a little overwhelming. That is the thing, however, it does not have to be. With My Novels , All you have to make a new publication reference is name, author name, or name ISBN amount! Plug in almost any one of these 3 pieces of data, and AMB manages the remainder by loading data gathered from internet sources. Select your publication from the record of outcomes along with the description, Publication cover... everything you would ever need to learn about this publication is Added to a private AMB database.

Key Features:

  • Scans hard drive for book files; users can choose to add files individually or in batch (multiples).
  • Auto-populate information about your books; plot, synopsis, reviews, cover graphics and more.
  • Access 12 different international book databases to collect information about your collection.
  • Add your own information; thoughts, musings, illustrations AMB is fully customizable.
  • Toggle book details on/off to alternate between robust and streamlined views.
  • More than a dozen custom templates let you define AMB’s appearance.
  • Monitor where your books are currently across multiple locations.
  • Sort and group books based on various criteria of your own choosing.
  • Track which books you have already read, and which books you have yet to read.
  • Create custom directories to help organize your collection.
  • Generate powerful analytics and statistics related to your collection.
  • Search for any book automatically by entering its ISBN number.
  • Export of the digital library into many formats - text, HTML, CHM, PDF, XLS (Microsoft Excel)
  • Transfer books to your mobile devices; AMB is compatible with iPhone and iPad.
  • Import existing book lists in TEXT or EXCEL format.
  • Export data about your collection to EXCEL, HTML, PDF and more!
  • Create and print documents related to different aspects of your collection.
  • Secure your collection with password functionality.
  • Supports e-books by storing associated links in the book card. AMB is compatible with Acrobat Reader, Sony Reader, Kindle, Rocketbook and all popular e-book formats.
  • Supports playback of Audiobook files stored in the book card. AMB is able to playback MP3, WMA, M4A, Audible (AA, AAX) and OGG formats.

Important Note: 30 days trial version.

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