Disk Digger

Disk Digger

By : Dmitry Brant

( Shareware )

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DiskDigger can recover your all deleted useful files from several sorts of media your computer can read, whether that's hard disks, USB flash drives, memory cards or optical media like CDs, DVDs.

DiskDigger can recover missing files in the media storage apparatus no Matter how you were able to shed them. You might have inadvertently deleted any files or photographs from your pc, or you might have reformatted your camera's memory card or perhaps you only wish to find out what's within an older USB drive. No matter the circumstance, DiskDigger is a fantastic program for data retrieval.

Features of Dig Deep

  • Filter recoverable documents by size and name.
  • Form Recover files by name, date, size, and directory.

Features of Dig Deeper

  • Scan (split) whole disk for hints of particular document types.
  • The two 32-bit and 64-bit variants of Windows are encouraged, in addition to Linux.
  • View recoverable documents as a listing, or as thumbnail previews.
  • Willing to scan virtual disc image records: VHD documents (Microsoft Virtual Hard Disk) and VDI documents (VirtualBox disk picture).
  • Immediate binary disc images.
  • When digging deeper, more capability to begin scanning in the particular place on the disc drive.
  • When previewing documents, the program proactively displays the very first 4K bytes of this document for a hex dump.

To be able to have complete performance of DiskDigger, also possess the Choice to store the documents that have been previewed, you'll want to Buy a license essential.

- Better fault tolerance against drives that have errors, e.g. bad sectors, controller malfunctions, etc. The program will respond to a wider range of errors, and will allow you to continue past the error, or stop and recover any files that it has found so far
- Steamlined disk access and caching, which allows for optimized performance when scanning and recovering files
- Improved efficiency when recovering certain types of files, including .JPG, .DOC, and .ZIP

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