Cubase Pro for Mac

Cubase Pro for Mac

By : Steinberg Media Technologies

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Cubase Pro for Mac condenses nearly 3 years of Steinberg advancement into the very cutting-edge DAW anywhere. Employed by celebrity manufacturers and musicians for writing, recording, editing and mixing audio, Cubase Guru combines exceptional sound quality, intuitive management and a collection of highly innovative sound and MIDI tools. 


Shipping and documenting workflow
Better reliability, simpler handling and additional attributes mean better workflows for the greatest, most complex tracking sessions.

Mixing and monitor handling
Refining the acclaimed MixConsole surroundings and recognized Cubase monitor managing tools, version 8.5 makes manipulating and mixing sound channels much more intuitive.

MIDI Editing
Famed from day one because of the MIDI editing toolset, Cubase offers more options and tools when manipulating MIDI information, with extra tools for both the Essential and Drum Editors.

Access and workflow
Utilizing comments from Cubase users, we executed a horde of tweaks made to create vital functions more accessible and the full Cubase experience much more responsive.

Enriched Chord Pads and logos 
Further improving among the most inspirational songwriting tools readily available on almost any DAW, the elongated Chord Pads feature can allow you to break through the most gigantic composer's block.

MediaBay Racks
Find your articles much quicker with MediaBay project stands by clicking icons and pictures for VST tools and their libraries, articles packs and preset classes.

This update improves the general application stability and addresses multiple issues for the Direct Offline Processing feature

Resolved issues and improvements:
An issue has been resolved when using the Automation Trim Mode “On Pass End”
Added the possibility to mute the Chord Track via the regular key command [M] for Track Mute
An issue has been resolved where Folder Part Editing was not working properly when “Snap to Zero Crossing” was enabled
An issue has been resolved where audio mixdown files created via Channel Batch Export were placed at wrong positions when using the “Create New Project” option Improved sorting of ID-3 tags when exporting to MP3 format
An issue has been resolved where it was impossible to start Cubase on systems with certain Nvidia graphic cards or driver versions
An issue has been resolved where using Logical Search with “Tempo” and “is empty” did not show an expected list of results
An issue has been resolved where the Metronome would no longer be audible in certain Output Bus configurations
An issue has been resolved where insert slots were scaled down in the Lower Zone MixConsole
An issue has been resolved where creating a Default Preset for Pre-Rack Settings did not correctly handle Low and Hi Cut parameters
An issue has been resolved where using “Prepare Archive” could render the application unreliable when conforming to copy video file
An issue has been resolved where no print margins could be set in the Page Setup (macOS only)
Improved text coloring for window titlebars to ensure proper contrast for readability

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