Advanced Installer

Advanced Installer

By : Caphyon Ltd

( Freeware )

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    Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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    Apr 16, 2018
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Tool that allows developers and system administrators to quickly assemble Reliable MSI packages that meet the hottest Microsoft Windows logo Best practices. Advanced Installer is published under a Very flexible licensing model. The core program is 100% free to utilize For both non and commercial functions. We also supply Optional characteristics and add-ons under different industrial permits.

Advanced Installer Features:

Conserve training costs
User friendly, fully GUI driven, without the scripts to find out, no databases edit without a XML to compose

Save some time to Promote
Produce with wizards, import present IDE jobs, incorporate into automated build programs and resource management systems.

Save growth prices
Hundreds of strong features prepared to use with only a couple of mouse clicks. A great deal of functionality configurable to your own installers.

Lower Your support costs
Estimated amount of events because of incorrect installers.

Save extra tool buys
Contained Editor, added languages and hundreds of others.

Boost customer satisfaction
Robust contractors predicated on standard Windows Installer technologies offering rollbacks, patches, autoupdates, etc..

Save consulting
Advanced Installer's fanatical service staff stands ready to assist you with any installer queries you might have.

Save migration programs
Repackage older contractors, import MSIs, WiX jobs. Use scripts that are open, prevent proprietary traps.

Please note: This really is a unified package containing the complete Advanced Installer Application, including Freeware, Professional, For Java, Enterprise and Architect features. Freeware features can be accessed at any time By creating a job of type "Simple".

New features:
- VMware vSphere integration for Advanced Installer
- New variations for the Surface theme

- All used dialogs are displayed in the Project Dialogs section
- Configurable component directory

Bug fixes:
- Updater fails when run with /silent switch
- "Esc" key blocks the digital signature view
- Typelib is duplicated when it contains the same Win32/Win64 path
- Invalid MSI Filename string error when a project contains an APPX build and an MSI build using the Spring theme
- Incorrect default scheduling options for installed custom actions
- Registry info left behind after registering COM Server EXE
- Conflicting accelerator keys in German LicenceAgreementDlg
- COM Registries do not contain file references when importing certain RPKs
- Localization issues due to project resource references
- Paths from AppxManifest are not correctly mapped to the MSI predefined folders
- Cache is not invalidated when a chained package is added to the project
- The content of a cached LZMA archive is not verified correctly if it is up to date
- When using an existing rpk the capture profile selection is not saved
- Configure Server Authentication becomes grayed-out when going back after successful provisioning (Hyper-V)
- Build operations that fail during resource check don't cleanup feature/component actions performed on ValidateBuildStates
- Uninstall cleanup fails for projects upgraded/created with Advanced Installer 147

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