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RetroShare makes scrambled associations with your companions. It's not possible for anyone to keep an eye on you. RetroShare is totally decentralized. This implies there are no focal servers. It is altogether Open-Source and free. There are no costs, no promotions and no Terms of Service. 

RetroShare is a system of PCs. These PCs we call hubs and each client has it's own hub. The accurate area (the IP-address) of hubs is just known to neighbors. You welcome somebody to wind up a neighbor by sending your open key to them. Discussions utilize pseudonymous monikers to recognize individuals. The moniker framework utilizes cryptographical keys to check messages originate from explicit creators. The moniker data voyages wherever the discussion post goes. 

In the event that you make an impression on a client, the framework conveys it to his hub via hunting down a course by sending it by means of a chain of neighboring hubs. On the off chance that you need a specific record, your hub asks your neigbours and they thusly ask for it from their neigbours. All things considered, RetroShare is great option in contrast to the standard DC++ application. 


Send content and pictures. Examine with different individuals in talk rooms. Express your feelings with the rich smiley set. Utilize inaccessible visit to safely talk with companions of-companions. 

Voice and Video 
Make free and secure calls with the VoIP module. Get up to speed eye to eye with a video call. 

Send encoded messages to different individuals from the system. Retroshare can store scrambled messages on companions hubs to convey messages while you're disconnected. 

Record sharing 
Offer records with your companions or with the entire system. Utilize the pursuit to discover documents. Retroshare utilizes swarming like BitTorrent, to quicken the download. This makes it conceivable to impart huge documents to 1GB or more. Your security is ensured with unknown passages. Just your immediate companions may realize which records you download. 

You can peruse and compose discussion posts disconnected. This is impeccable while you're in a hurry. When you have an Internet association, Retroshare will consequently match up gatherings with your companions. Decentralized gatherings are restriction safe by structure. 

Offer your most loved connections. See which joins others like. Vote and talk about connections. 

Distribute documents in channels. Buy in to channels and naturally download the most recent records. Remark on documents and spread them to your companions. 

Secure your IP with Tor/I2P 
Need to avoid Internet observation? Can't interface with your companions on account of restriction? Need to sidestep terrible firewalls? Use Retroshare over Tor to shroud the association among you and your companions.

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